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Image of Single & Double Sided PCBs

Single & Double Sided PCBs

This is the base level of PCB technology commonly used in many industrial, consumer, building control, medical and EV products.
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Image of Multilayer PCBs

Multilayer PCBs

Multilayer PCBs are the biggest volume technology sector of PCB’s. Delta Impact can offer up to 56 layers PCBs to meet the advanced applications requirements.
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Image of HDI PCBs


HDI Multilayer PCBs have the highest connection density of all PCBs. The demand for HDI technology has grown with the increasing need for smaller and more powerful electronic devices in the electronics industry.
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Image of Flex & Flex-Rigid PCBs

Flex & Flex-Rigid PCBs

Flexible and Flex-Rigid PCBs are a specialised type of PCB technology. This type of PCB is ideal for applications where traditional rigid PCBs would be impractical due to space constraints, form factor requirements, unique environmental conditions, or the need for repeated bending
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Image of Metal Backed & Heavy Copper PCBs

Metal Backed & Heavy Copper PCBs

Insulated Metal Substrate Printed Circuit Board, also known as Metal Core PCBs, are a type of circuit board designed with a metal base layer to enhance thermal conductivity. These boards provide a practical solution for applications where traditional FR4 PCBs might not offer sufficient thermal performance.
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Image of High Performance Material PCBs

High Performance Material PCBs

High Performance Material PCBs are suitable for applications where high frequency, transmission speed, high signal integrity or low losses are required. Delta Impact can offer several special and improved performance material substrates for your project.
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Image of Barcode Printed PCBs

Barcode Printed PCBs

PCB barcodes and labels are crucial for your product traceability. Delta Impact has developed a system that allows you to print a unique 2D code onto every circuit at the point of manufacture.
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