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IMS PCB stands for Insulated Metal Substrate Printed Circuit Board. Also known as Metal Core PCBs, IMS PCBs are a type of circuit board designed with a metal base layer to enhance thermal conductivity.

These boards are commonly used in applications where effective heat dissipation is crucial, such as in high-power LED lighting, power electronics, and other applications with components that generate significant heat.

They have excellent thermal conductivity and are therefore great to dissipate the heat created in this application. In more advanced applications a double or multilayer PCB can be bonded to the metal base to provide heat sinking of part or the complete PCB.

The use of IMS PCBs has become increasingly prevalent as electronic systems continue to evolve, requiring more efficient ways to manage heat. These boards provide a practical solution for applications where traditional FR4 PCBs might not offer sufficient thermal performance.

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Technical Specification

Number of Layers



Aluminium, Copper

Metal Thickness

Ø.8 – 2.Ø

Thermal Conductivity (W.m/k)

Ø.8 – 4.Ø

Max Copper Thickness

6oz (21Øμm)

Surface Finishes

HASL, Lead Free HAL, OSP, ENIG (gold).

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