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Our personal support prioritises your business, ensuring cost-effective, hassle-free solutions.

At Delta Impact, our commitment to exceptional customer and technical support sets us apart. Our technical team work closely with each of our manufacturing partners, ensuring projects are managed and delivered. We take pride in our capability to reverse engineer ageing designs, providing Gerber re-creation services and offering customers a seamless transition to modern specifications.

Customers benefit from invaluable engineering support, consistently proven effective in managing and decreasing costs associated with both existing and new products. Furthermore, we offer the convenience of transforming schematics into PCB Gerber data files, providing a comprehensive service tailored to your specific requirements. At Delta Impact, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled support throughout every phase of your project.

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Eamon Francis - Managing Director at Delta Impact
Jason Manning - Technical Product Manager
Jessica Franklin - Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Jessica Franklin

Zeno Lo - Supply Chain Manager Asia

Supply Chain Manager - Asia

Zeno Lo



PCB Design / Design For Manufacture

Unlock the full potential of your product development journey with our expert services in PCB design and PCB design for manufacture (DFM). Our experts help ensure your PCB designs are innovative and optimised for seamless full-scale production. Trust us to transform your ideas into reality, providing you with cutting-edge PCB solutions that stand out in terms of efficiency, reliability, and market competitiveness.

PCB Prototyping for Volume Production


Prototyping pre volume production

Our streamlined prototyping process serves as a crucial bridge between design validation and full-scale manufacturing. Whether you're a startup testing a new concept or an established company gearing up for mass production, our prototyping expertise and quick turn around (QTA) lead times ensures that your designs transition seamlessly from the drawing board to the production line.



Local & Global

We pride ourselves on being a global PCB solutions provider with a local touch. By seamlessly merging our in-depth local market and industry knowledge with access to top-tier manufacturers worldwide, we offer a unique advantage to local businesses. Our global reach allows us to tap into the latest technological advancements and industry trends.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Delta Impact do?

Founded in 1988 Delta Impact are a leading provider of PCBs. Offering bespoke supply chain solutions.

Where are your PCBs manufactured?

The majority of our PCBs are manufactured in Asia, complimented with European production for some QTA and small batch requirements.

Do you offer low volume PCB prototyping?

Yes, we can offer as little as a single PCB prototype. Whether you're in the initial stages of product development, requiring a low volume for testing and validation, or seeking large-scale production, our comprehensive services ensure a seamless transition from concept to mass production.

Do you offer PCB assembly as well as bare PCBs?

Yes, our team can offer component kitting and PCB assembly services alongside bare PCB supply. Please speak with a member of our team for more information.


What file types do you require to begin a project?

This all depends on the stage of your product development. Typically a Gerber file is provided but we understand that not every business has this available. Speak with team to learn more about our onboarding process.

Can you design a completely new PCB?

Yes, we have the capability to design and develop completely new PCB designs.


What is the expected lead time for a PCB order?

Production lead times can be as low as 48 hours. Typically, standard lead times are between 7-20 working days. This is subject to project requirements, speak with a member of our team to choose the right option for you.