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Flexible and Flex-Rigid PCBs are a specialised type of PCB that use Polyimide or Polyester within the construction to allow some or all of the PCB to be flexible.

These PCBs can be offered as single, double or multilayer constructions. Flex & Flex-Rigid PCBs are used in applications where traditional rigid PCBs would be impractical due to space constraints, form factor requirements, unique environmental conditions, or the need for repeated bending. Common applications include wearable devices, medical devices, automotive electronics, and aerospace systems.

These types of PCBs have become increasingly important in modern electronics, enabling designers to create innovative and compact solutions for a wide range of applications. If you are working on a project that requires this type of specialised PCB technology contact our team today.





Technical Specification

Number of Layers



Polyimide, Polyester, FR4

Base Copper Thickness

Ø.33oz (12μm) through to 2oz (70μm)

Finished PCB Thickness

Ø.Ø5 – 3.0mm

Minimum Track Width & Spacing

3/3mil (Ø.Ø75/Ø.Ø75mm)

Impedance Control

+/- 1Ø%

Min Via Hole Size

Ø.Ø75mm (3 mil)

Maximum No HDI Steps


Surface Finishes

Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP, ENIG(gold), Hard gold fingers

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